Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Tsunami of Stuff

Dear Clutter Wrangler,

I and my partner are radio reporters in a developing country. Last night, there was a series of earthquakes near here, the kind that spurs people in our kind of work into action. Okay, I don’t at all mean to diminish the struggle of people in the disaster zone today, but I have to say the real disaster for me was right here in my home office.

When something like this happens, a lot of people start yodeling for our attention.

We got a stampede of assignments and deadlines and equipment to manage, but we have about the same organizational skills as a saguaro cactus. We end up running around like wild horses in a telephone booth.

We have this one little cubby where we throw our cords. Mic cords, USB cords, power cords, adapters – they’re all tangled in there like a pile of lassos at a roping convention.

O Clutter Wrangler, can you help us rein in the mess?

-Hog Tied in Jakarta


Blogger jaclyn said...

Hi guys...yes the problem with cords and equipment. I recommend labeling each cord with a piece of masking tape put on the cord like a tag sticking out and writing what piece of equipment it belongs to (esp. those small power supply boxes for things that never have what it goes to written on it). Then you have to organize the labeled cords either hanging (like over the rod in your closet or on hooks on a wall or you could hammer in nails in the closet to do this) or curled up (around your hand then slipped off) and tied to itself with a twist tie/string/velcro. If you can't hang them you can have shoe boxes or bins that are separated by category like audio cords/computer cords/video etc. and mark on the outside what it is. Hope that helps and I can't wait to visit you guys next year!!

Jaclyn the Clutter Wangler

1:32 PM  
Blogger kopisusu2 said...

Oh, yes, come visit!!


5:38 AM  

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